Halkidiki Foods - Premium Metaggitsi Olive Oil Manufacturing Process.

Aktualisiert: 10. Dez 2020

Olive oil is produced by simply pressing the olives and collecting the oil they contain. It is the only edible oil that is produced without the use of chemicals. What many do not know: Olive oils can be divided into different quality levels. Olive oils "extra virgin" have the best taste and the highest quality. The reason is a special pressing technique and the treatment of the olives. The term "extra virgin" stands for the highest grade that an olive oil can achieve. The expression means "particularly virgin" because it comes from natural oils. In contrast to the pressing method with other olive oils, very careful attention is paid to the olives when producing the quality oil. They are carefully picked and transported. Since they are very sensitive, they must be processed within a few hours of being picked. This involves complex and quick cold pressing (at approx. 20 degrees, but a maximum of 27 degrees). It is crucial that the "extra virgin" olive oil is pressed and filtered only once and not like conventional olive oils.