Metaggitsi village On the northern border of the municipality of Sithonia, at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level, is Metaggitsi, where the legendary Assa was once located, one of the largest cities in Halkidiki. It combines north and south and is therefore an attraction for visitors to the municipality of Sithonia. Metaggitsi is about 100 kilometers from Thessaloniki and travelers can choose from many routes to get to their destination. Most of the village houses are traditionally built of stone and impress visitors. This village is known all over Halkidiki. One of the reasons is the incredibly delicious food that you can try in the hospitable taverns of Metaggitsi. It is a fact that local ingredients cooked in Metaggitsi are made as the residents are mainly concerned with livestock and agriculture. Metaggitsi can satisfy both mountain and sea lovers as it is only 4 km from the beaches that are administratively owned by Agios Nikolaos. An unforgettable hiking trail where visitors can experience the natural beauty of Northern Sithonia is the Havria River dam. The starting point of this route is Agia Kiriaki and finally Desi. So there are many reasons to visit this blessed place and get to know all the beauties of nature and those in people's souls.

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